River Cove Living Shoreline


General Project Information


Project footprint:

135 linear ft


27°12’40.85” 80°11’02.79

Can it be visited by the public?


Coordinating organization:

Martin County Coastal Engineering



Start date and completion date:

November 2015 to September 2016; Permit allows project to be ongoing until 2020

Other relevant timeline information:

Project Components


Type of project:



Mangroves, Other native plants, and Oyster mats/bags

Energy level:


Optional information


Plant species included:

red mangroves, Spartina patens, Sesuvium, dune sunflower (seeds only)
Upland areas were planted as well w/ large diversity of plants (16 total species)

Source of materials:

oyster shell – FOS; red mangroves – HBOI, FOS, Felix Williams Elementary; Spartina and Sesuvium – Martin County via Beeman, Mesazoic and Pro Native nurseries

Cultch material used:

oyster shell, aggregate shell, Reef Balls

Cost per linear foot:  

$2.77 per bag, or $1.85 per linear foot

Contact for more information:

Lorae Simpson – lsimpson@floridaocean.org; Kathy Fitzpatrick – kfitzpat@martin.fl.us; Mike Yustin – myustin@martin.fl.us