Martin County, oyster reef and living shorelines projects

  1. Loblolly Community oyster reef and living shorelines project. Hobe Sound, FL (IRL)
    A living shoreline breakwater was constructed by Loblolly and mangrove seedlings were planted behind it. FOS provided shell bags to add to the base of the breakwater to encourage oyster settlement. Cultch bag placement was performed by volunteers.
  2. Peck Lake Park Living Shorelines. Hobe Sound, FL (IRL)
    This project was a SFWMD funded project to Martin County to construct 3 living shorelines. FOS was a partner and coordinated shell bagging and volunteer recruitment. At all 3 sites (Peck Lake and Pendarvis Parks, Bird Island) cultch bag reefs were constructed and Spartina planted behind it. All installations were performed with volunteer assistance.
  3. Pendarvis Park Living Shorelines. Palm City, FL St. Lucie River (see description at #2, above)
  4. Bird Island Living Shorelines. Stuart FL IRL (see description at #2a, above)