Bayou Grande


Photos by Florida DEP

General Project Information

Project footprint:

1000 linear ft


south ends of Polk Avenue, Paulding Avenue and Wayne Avenue in Pensacola, Florida

Can it be visited by the public?


Coordinating organization:

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Northwest Florida Aquatic Preserves), Escambia County, Keep Pensacola Beautiful, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, local homeowners


Start date and completion date:

December 2015 to March 2017

Other relevant timeline information:

Permit authorization was very timely on this project. Upland stabilization and sloping, shoreline graded. Immediately after upland work done, reefs installed as homeowners continued throughout the shoreline areas (36 total). After reef installation, plants installed. Plants installed on areas where upland needed to be stabilized first. Spartina alterniflora installed during winter low tides and planted deep. Other plants can be planted throughout the year but may need to be watered based upon precipitation.

Project Components

Type of project:



Coir fiber/coconut, Other native plants, and Oyster mats/bags

Energy level:


Optional information

Plant species included:

Sporabolus virginicus, Ipomea imperati, S. portulacastrum, P. vaginatum, M. capillaris, Spartina bakeri, Iva frutescens, Baccharis halimifolia, Spartina patens, Juncus roemerianus, Spartina alterniflora

Source of materials:

Locally sourced from seeds, cuttings and bareroot. All grown out at FDEP Restoration Nursery

Cultch material used:

Recycled Oyster Shell

Cost per linear foot:  

Medium cost (Large amount of upland work)

Contact for more information:

Beth Fugate, FDEP, Northwest Florida Aquatic Preserves –  Phone: 850-595-0683