Sarasota Bayfront Park Living Shoreline


General Project Information


Project footprint:

150 linear feet


Sarasota Bayfront Park, Bayfront Dr, Sarasota, FL 34236

Can it be visited by the public?


Coordinating organization:

Sarasota Bay Estuary Program



Start date and completion date:

Spring, 2013

Other relevant timeline information:

This was a simple native planting project; no permits required.

Project Components


Type of project:

Vegetation Only


Other native plants

Energy level:


Optional information


Plant species included:

sea oats/Uniola paniculata, beach sunflower/Helianthus debilis, marsh hay cordgrass/Spartina patens, seashore paspalum/Paspalum vaginatum, muhly grass/Muhlengergia capillaris, sand cordgrass/Spartina bakeri, railroad vine/Ipomoea pes-caprae.

Source of materials:

Florida Natives Nursery

Cultch material used:


Cost per linear foot:  


Contact for more information:

Jay Leverone – 

Testimonial from user:  

This project is primarily intended for public outreach and education. Many locals and tourists visit Bayfront Park, and the signage that accompanies the project describes the benefits living shorelines, while showing them just how beautiful these shorelines can be.