MC-2 Shoreline Stabilization (Martin County)

General Project Information


Project footprint:




Can it be visited by the public?

No –They can travel around the island but there is a no access buffer. This site is a Critical Wildlife Area (CWA), and provides protection from human disturbance during critical periods of bird nesting.

Coordinating organization:

Martin County



Start date and completion date:


Other relevant timeline information:

The project included several planting projects dating back over the last 15 years. Species planted included mangroves and marsh grasses along the island shorelines and upland vegetation in the interior. Exotic vegetation removal is also completed each year. The site is designated as a CWA by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, a status that provides management and protection of important habitat for threatened or endangered species. Due to bird nesting, all work must be completed between the months of September and January.

Project Components


Type of project:



Mangroves, Oyster mats/bags, Other native plants, and Rip-rap

Energy level:


Optional information


Plant species included:

Red, white and black mangroves, green buttonwood, sea grape and Spartina alterniflora

Source of materials:


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Contact for more information:

Michael A. Yustin (772) 220-7114