Goffinsville Boat Ramp


General Project Information


Project footprint:



95001 Goffinsville Rd, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Can it be visited by the public?


Coordinating organization:

FDEP and Nassau River/St Johns River Marsh Aquatic PreservePalm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management



Start date and completion date:

Dock permit Issued July 2016; Living Shoreline Installed June 2017; Dock construction complete June 2018.

Other relevant timeline information:

This living shoreline project was a public interest project with Florida DEP. The living shoreline was required as mitigation for the construction of a private multi-family use dock on a nearby lot with frontage on the Nassau River. Monitoring took place at six months post installation and recruiting spat was observed. Approximately 30% of the plants that were planted as part of this project did not establish. The site receives a high amount of scouring and wave energy with tidal flow.

Project Components


Type of project:



Oyster mats/bags and Other native plants

Energy level:


Optional information


Plant species included:

Spartina alterniflora

Source of materials:


Cultch material used:

Recycled oyster shell

Cost per linear foot:  


Contact for more information:

Scott Eastman, Nassau St. Johns River Aquatic Preserve